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General Information

Brown County is committed to Continuous Improvement

Your Continuous Improvement Facilitators Team (formerly known as LEAN Facilitators) wants to support you!

We are here to answer questions and encourage you. We know Brown County employees have great ideas about how to improve customer service, reduce waste, make our jobs easier and departments more productive.

Maybe you know something is not working but you just can't put your finger on what needs to change. That's where Continuous Improvement Facilitators can help!

I have a great IDEA and need help
or Something is not working but how to fix it?

If you have an idea or are unsure where to start with a process that's not working and would like help use this Continuous Improvement Event Request form to get started.

Once a month these requests are reviewed and assigned to Continuous Improvement Facilitators who will get back to you to learn more about your idea or problem so they can get to work with you to find solution.

We want to hear about your Continuous Improvement accomplishments.

Every day Brown County employees are coming up with better ways to do things.
We want to hear about these success stories.

If you or someone you know has implemented a great idea help us celebrate these accomplishments by going to this link and filling out the Continuous Improvement Shout-Out Form.

Link to Brown County LEAN Management Internet page.