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General Information

Finance & Accounting

As part of the budgetary management function, the department is responsible for preparation of the annual budget, capital improvements bonding plan, administrative policies and various special purpose analyses and reports. As part of the financial management function, necessary financial information is provided to the County Executive, departments, County Board and various boards, commissions and committees to aid in policy making. Accounting activities include preparation of financial reports and audits, maintenance of the books (general ledger, accounts payable, etc.), indirect cost allocation and bonding.

Logos Financial System Information & Procedures

Logos Financial System Page Index
Accounts Payable

Invoice Entry & Processing - Vendor Inquiry - Invoice Approval

Annual Budget
General Ledger & Inquiry

Journal Entry - Journal Approval - Reversing Journal Entry - Journal Inquiry


General Ledger - Balance Sheet - Income Statement - Budget Performance

New World (LOGOS) Financial System Info & Procedures