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1. When I try to view a co-workers calendar the calendar items only display as 'busy' where before I was able to see the details.

Since newly upgraded users may need to re-create personalized Outlook settings, your co-worker will need to set viewing permissions back to 'free/busy' or 'full details'.

2. I created a custom signature in Outlook but I do not see this same custom signature when I log into OWA Email.

You will need to create a separate custom signature for OWA. Custom signatures do not carry over from OWA to Outlook or vice-versa.

3. I carry a county supplied smart phone for work that allows me to sync email and calendars.

If you are not contacted prior to or during migration, please call the Help Desk at 448-4030. Your smart phone will need to be configured differently so you can continue to receive emails and calendar items.

4. I recently changed my password and now I cannot log into Kronos.

Call the Help Desk at 448-4030 so they can perform a password sync that will allow you to log into Kronos.

5. I cannot log into the Milestone Smart Client used for viewing security cameras.

Please change the log-in field prefix to the NEW format - replacing 'brown_county_wi' with 'gov'.
NEW = GOV\username
OLD = brown_county_wi\username

6. I no longer have my custom keyboard mapping in AS400.

You will need to reconfigure your custom keyboard mapping within your AS400 session(s) after being migrated/upgraded. Contact the helpdesk at x4030

7. In regards to Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, where do files get saved if I am working on a laptop off of the Brown County Network and the network U: drive is not available as the default save location?

If your laptop does not have access to your U: drive for any reason then the default save location for Word, Excel and PowerPoint files will automatically change to this local C: drive location.
C:\Users\"your user name"\Documents

8. Why am I getting a message saying your password will expire when I am in OWA (Web Mail)?

Great news - OWA now allows you to reset your network password. Reminder - your web mail credentials are the same as your network account credentials.

9. I use web mail by accessing OWA and since being upgraded to Exchange 2013 I have noticed that I no longer have spell check capabilities?

Unfortunately Microsoft has removed the spell check feature from 2013 OWA, instead relying on the spell check capabilities contained within Internet Explorer 10 and higher.

We are currently using Internet Explorer 9 county-wide and will be looking to upgrade to Internet Explorer 10 as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can copy paste your message into a Microsoft Word document to spell check. We will be working hard to get IE10 as our county standard.

10. I have a secondary mailbox attached in Outlook and I would like to send out an email as though it was sent from that mail account, not from my primary mail account.

To send an email as a secondary mail account, perform the following -> Open a new email -> Click on the Options tab -> Click on the 'From' option -> Notice that a 'From' button has been added above the 'To' field. The 'From' button will now be available in all new emails going forward.

Mail account addresses will need to be manually typed out the first time. After that Outlook will remember it. The first time = Open new email -> Click on the 'From' button -> Select 'Other Email Address' from the drop-down -> Type out address -> Select 'OK' -> Send email.

11. When I send emails from a Secondary Mail Account using Outlook 2010, the emails will land in the "Sent Items" folder of the Primary Mail Account. Shouldn't they land in the corresponding "Sent Items" folder of that Secondary Mail Account?

The standard default behavior with Exchange 2013 and Outlook 2010 forces all sent email to land in the Primary Mail Account "Sent Items" folder - even though you sent the email as a different mail account.

Brown County Technology Services attempted to ‘fix’ the landing location for sent emails from a secondary mailbox, although the Microsoft recommended ‘fix’ created other anomalies for our environment. Technology Services has changed the behavior back to standard default.

The following are options to ensure email ends up in the correct sent items folder:
1) Use the "Open Another Mailbox" option in Outlook Web App (OWA) to send your email.
2) Manually move the sent email from your "Sent Items" folder to the secondary "Sent Items" folder.

12. When receiving emails containing 'Read Receipts' in OWA, I will select the 'Click Here' option to send a response confirmation but the original sender states that they never received my 'Read' confirmation?

OWA operates a little different than the Outlook Client in regards to responding to 'Read Receipts'. It is typical for a user to double-click on a new email in OWA which will then open that new message in a separate Message Window. The confirmation 'Click Here' button exists in this Message Window, although, when you select the 'Click Here' button a confirmation never gets delivered to the sender.

Follow this process to get a confirmation sent successfully in OWA. Do not double-click the message but rather single-click on the message to display it in your reading pane. Now select the 'Click Here' button to send a confirmation and it will be received successfully. Performing the confirmation from the separate Message Window does not work.