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Contact the DoTS Help Desk - (920) 448-4030

Help Desk Hours and After-Hour Support
The Help Desk is available 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding weekends and holidays. Calling Technology Services staff directly will result in service delays.

For emergency (urgent) service after hours call (920) 448-4030 and press 0.
After hours support is limited to emergency (urgent) service where technology service interruptions have no work around and directly keep the individual or group from performing their duties.

When you call
The Help Desk will need this information from you:

1. Identify yourself: Name & phone

2. Provide the network name of your PC, this is usually on a white sticker on your CPU box or laptop.

3. Provide location information especially if you are not at your regular work location.

4. Provide details of the problem, summary of the system impacted, how it affects your work, when the problem started and/or end time, and computer detail if available.

5. If requested, help prioritize the work order by giving the number of people the problem may impact, if there is a cost, if there is a life safety issue or risk and if there is an available work around.

6. Please reference the ticket number when following up on a work order.

7. Consider completing the customer satisfaction survey when your ticket is closed.

Service Request vs a Break Fix "Work Order"
The Department of Technology Services provides support by recording and processing work orders. Break fix work orders are defined as a higher priority need for assistance because of a work outage without a work-around. Contact the Help Desk to report a Break fix issue. Service requests are for new software, new hardware, enhancements to existing systems, or office/staff moves. Service requests must be submitted by department heads or designated application coordinators, and will be scheduled as resources permit.

Work Order Priority
Work orders are completed based on priority order. It is important for you to share the true priority of a problem. If everyone reports everything as an emergency we will not be able to identify the really critical work.

About Help Desk Security
If you receive a call from someone and are unsure it is Technology Services calling please hang up and then call 920-448-4030, especially if the person calling is requesting your password.

Remote Control
Technology Services can remotely service your computer. Technicians have signed confidientiality for all aspects of County operations, and remote control sessions are secure (using SSL encryption). Remote control sessions are recorded for security reasons. When a technician is remotely providing support there will be a shadow icon active in the top right corner of your screen similar to the icon above so you know your device is being serviced.

Remote service sessions may be initiated/requested from any Internet connected computer, iPhone, iPad or android device. For devices outside the County network and/or not owned by the County, you must request the remote access by using the Remote Support Portal at:

Work Order Reports
Technology Services Help Desk ticket reports are available upon request. Email the Help Desk at for any report requests or to get an update on your work order status.

You may also contact the Help Desk for break-fix issues by completing the form below. If you wish to submit supporting documentation, please email it to
First Name:
Last Name:
Email Address:
Phone Number:
How critical would you rate your issue?
Very: I am (or my work unit is) unable to work
Somewhat: Something is broken, but I can still continue working
Not at all: I have a question, or am looking for assistance