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P-Card Procedures

Purchasing Card Page Contents List
Administrative A-11 Purchasing Card Policy
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Work Instructions

Section 10. Process Flow, Terms & Definitions
Process Flow Terms and Definitions
Section 12. Online Registration
US Bank Online Registration
Section 13. Disputing a transaction
Dispute a transaction
Section 14. About Multiple User Roles
Multi-User Role
Section 15. About Online Review & Coding of Transactions
Reviewing and Coding Transactions
Section 16. About Approval of Reviewed Online Transactions
Section 17. About Account Statement & Other Reports
Account Statements
Section 18. 2018 Calendar

Brown Countys Administrative Purchasing Card Policy & Procedure Overview

Purchase Card Overview

Brown County's Purchasing Card (P-Card) Program provides a convenient, safe way to make small dollar, high-volume, repetitive purchase and monitor P-Card expenditures. The program is designed to enhance the traditional purchasing process by reducing the volume of purchase orders, invoices, and checks processed, by allowing designated employees to use the P-Card as a form of payment for purchases and reducing administrative costs.

The Purchasing division of Administration is responsible for managing the expense reporting process and has set up the application to provide data and processes according to the specific needs of the department(s). Purchasing has access to all card accounts and can assist with all P-Card related issues.

Section 19. Activate Replacement Card

Defective or Faulty Service *

If items purchased with the P-Card are found defective or services faulty, it is the cardholder's responsibility to return item(s) to the merchant for replacement or to receive a credit on the purchase. Credits must be processed using the same GL account in which they were purchased. If the merchant refuses to replace or correct the faulty item or issue a credit, the purchase of this item will be considered to be in dispute. it is the cardholder's responsibilityto try to resolve disputes. If a dispute cannot be resolved with the merchant, the cardholder should contact Purchasing Division for assistance.


Contact Vendor

1. The first step is to contact the vendor to verify this is correct

2. If it was established that the transaction was charged in error, request a credit from the vendor and a copy of the credit receipt to attach to the next month’s statement

3. Contact your accountant to advise of the correct description and account number to use

4. Complete the transaction with marking the transaction reviewed

No Resolution with Vendor -

Contact JP Morgan Chase by calling the number on the back of your card

Compromised Card Replacement Delivery-

JP Mogan Chase will mail the replacement card to Purchasing within 3-4 business days. If you require rush delivery of the card, advise Chase and at no additional charge the card will be expedited to 1-2 business days.
The card mailing address is :
Brown County Document Center c/o Purchasing
320 Cherry St
Green Bay, WI 54301
Notify Purchasing of the expected arrival of the new card and destroy the compromised card