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Howard ♦ 2300 Woodman Drive ♦ (920) 479-7547
Green Bay East ♦ 2560 Steffens Court ♦ (920) 465-7555
De Pere ♦ 1313 Lawrence Drive ♦ Ph: (920) 336-0023
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Section 1. Menards
Section 2. PCard
Section 3. Tax Exempt
Section 4. Rebate Center

Section 1. Menards

Menards - Official Site
Menards (Locations, Hours, Special Events, Departments)
1313 Lawrence Drive
De Pere, WI 54115
Ph: (920) 336-0023
2560 Steffens Court
Green Bay, WI 543011
Ph: (920) 465-7555
2300 Woodman Drive
Howard, WI 54303
Ph: (920) 497-7547

Section 2. PCard

Use Purchasing Card for payment, do NOT use a Menards open charge account
Administrative Policy A-11 Purchasing Card applies
The cardholder must obtain an itemized receipt for all items purchased

Under no circumstance should a cardholder loan his/her PCard or provide the PCard account number to another person, including other County employees
It is the responsibility of the cardholder to ensure adequate budget funds exist

If another card is required, approval is required by your department supervisor. To request a PCard go to PCard Procdures & Work Instructions

Section 3. Tax Exempt

Brown County is Tax Exempt in Wisconsin ONLY, although some non-Wisconsin based vendors will staill honor the Brown County's tax exempt status with a copy of the County's Sales Tax Exemption Certificate.

NEVER complete a new W9 form for your department. The purchasing department maintains and updates the paperwork yearly with the local Menards stores. Brown County and all it's departments share the same Federal ID number, which is provided on your PCard.

To avoid any confusion and / or complications, print the below Menards Tax ID Card for the Brown County account. Menards cannot access Brown County's tax exempt status by the federal ID number, as their account software assigns a unique vendor number.

Click on the image to the right
for a printable version of the
Menard's tax exempt
vendor identification card
for Brown County

Brown County's vendor number is WI0040198

Section 4. Rebate Center

Dowloand and Track Rebates in 4 Easy Steps by clicking 'here' to be redirected to the Menards Rebate Center