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2019 Budget Price List

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Periodicals / Subscriptions / Books
Green Bay Press-Gazette
**Delivery - FULL Access (electronic & paper) / Mon - Sun$28 / month
Delivery - FULL Access (electronic & paper) / Thu - Sun$22 / month
Delivery - FULL Access (electronic & paper) / Sun + Thu$16 / month
Digital ONLY - FULL Access (electronically ONLY) / Mon - Sun$10 / month
Polk Directories$422 each

Wisconsin State Statute Books
State of Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau
Free distribution from the States goes out to specific departments each year according to State Statutes;
pricing is for additional copies only
**Hard Cover includes shipping$105
Soft Cover includes shipping$72

Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance
Weekly Newsletter (Focus)
**Focused Taxpayer Package - (26 issues Focus & 11 Issues of The Wisconsin Taxpayer)$48 / year
2 or more subscriptions$40 / year
The Wisconsin Taxpayer (11 Issues)$18 / year
Focus Newsletter (26 Issues)$44 / year

Office Master Patriot Full Function Ergonomic Task Chair
Verified 5/14/18
**Small / Petite$290
Average / Medium$305
Large / Extra Tall$330
Note: For more information go to Brown County Office Chair page

Wisconsin Public Service
**GasAdjustment possible for 2019
ElectricAdjustments possible for 2019
Green Bay Water Utility
**Water & Public fire protectionPossible 9% increase for 2019
Sanitary Sewer - Within City LimitsPossible 5% increase for 2019
Storm SewerPossible 5% increase for 2019

Outside City Limits are billed by each specific Village / Township within Brown County
**Sanitary Sewer - Outside City Limitspossible 6% increase for 2019
Note: Utility increase are estimates only. Volatile markets prevent any long-term pricing guarantees.

Mobile Communications
**RFB to renew, possilbe change in pricing for 2019
Note: For more information go to Mobile Communications Procedures & Work Instructions

Waste Disposal and Recycling
Advanced Disposal
**Previously known as VeoliaLess than 5% for 2019

Other Miscellaneous
**Standard Mileage
Note: as of 8/17/2011 Brown County mileage reimbursement is 80%
of the IRS rate (2017 IRS Rate=$0.535 /mile; Brown County Rate is $0.428 / mile)
**Business milesIRS $0.545 / mile for 2018
Driving for medical or moving purposesIRS $0.18/ mile for 2018
Driven for service of charitable organizationsIRS $0.14 / mile for 2018
Meal Reimbursement Rates
(whichever is lower: Actual Cost OR $8 breakfast, $10 lunch & $15 dinner)
Actual Cost OR
$33 per day for 2018
Postage (USPS regular mail)$0.50 stamps for 2018
Sams Club
**Annual Membership$49