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2020 Price List DoTS

Copy Center Charges (For other services, please contact the Copy Center)
Business Cards - 1 Sided $8.00 / 250
Business Cards - 2 Sided $11.00 / 250
Copy Charges: Black & White .045 cents per page
Copy Charges: Color .12 cents per page
Copy Charges: Custom Papers add .02 cents per sheet
Lamination Pricing: 8.5 x 11 .28 cents per sheet
Lamination Pricing: 8.5 x 14 ​.35 cents per sheet
Lamination Pricing: 11 x 17 ​.38 cents per sheet
Plastic combs .04 cents to .43 cents (depending on size of comb - contact Copy Center)
Cost Per Copy (Paid to MBM for Multi-Function Devices/Multi-Function Printers)
Multi-Function Device MFD: Black .0169 cents per page
Multi-Function Device MFD: Color .059 cents per page
Multi-Function Printer MFP: Black .0169 cents per page
Multi-Function Printer MFP: Color .099 cents per page
Document Imaging*
Laserfiche User License $700 + $140 Annual Maintenance
Laserfiche Document Storage (depends on retention periods & file sizes) $1 to $5+ per GB per year
Laserfiche Scanner Interface License
$165 + $33 Annual Maint.
(discount for 5 pack licenses)
Scanner: Canon DR-160ii (Medium Capacity)
$950 + $260 Annual Maint.
(discounted for multi-year)
Scanner: Canon DR-6010C (High Capacity)
$2900 + $460 Annual Maint.
(discounted for multi-year)
Scanner: Xerox (Good Quality, Lower Capacity) Contact TS
Hardware Accessories
All prices are approximate (~)
Logitech MK270 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse ~ $21
Logitech MK550 Ergonomic Wireless Keyboard and Mouse ​~ $52
HP H-204B USB Powered Thin Flat Speakers 636917-001 ~ $26
HP DVD-RW Drive USB External ~ $77
Logitech C920 HD Pro Webcam USB ~ $59
EBerry Wired USB Microphone (for recording voice-overs) ~ $8
Cisco CP-8851 Desk Phone ~ $260
Cisco C7937 Conference Room "Starfish" Phone ~ $350 (refurbished)
Plantronics Wired Headset ~ $115
Plantronics Wireless CS540 w/APC-42 Hook Switch Cord (bundled) ​~ $275
Adobe Acrobat Pro $164.95 annual subscription
Adobe Photoshop $360.09 annual subscription
Adobe Illustrator $360.09 annual subscription
Adobe InDesign $360.09 annual subscription
Adobe individual application (contact the Help Desk for more details) $360.09 annual subscription
Adobe Creative Cloud (includes all Adobe applications) $847.55 annual subscription
Dragon Naturally Speaking Professional V15 $159
Dragon Naturally Speaking Medical Practice Edition II V 4 ​$1,121
(Philips SpeechMike Premium USB Microphone for use with Dragon) $346 for Government (You MUST sign up through the Help Desk) $300 annual subscription
Laserfiche - Enterprise Document Imaging System ​See "Document Imaging"
Microsoft Project for Government $285
Microsoft Visio Online Plan 2 for Government $143
SAP Crystal Reports 2016 License $371
Survey Monkey "Team Advantage" - per named user $336 annual subscription
Note: DropBox is NOT recommended for County Staff use. Contact DoTS for more information
Storage Systems
USB Flash Drives or Jump drives or other USB storage devices are not recommended for use by DoTS. Use secure FTP or other secure transfer tools instead. If you must purchase a USB storage device, contact the Help Desk for more information. NEVER insert found or free "gift" storage devices into any County system. ​
*Due to governmental regulatory requirements, cloud storage options MUST be arranged through DoTS – this is a mandatory condition to obtaining cloud storage. Please work with DoTS to discuss solutions and to ensure adequate document storage space when planning Laserfiche document imaging or video surveillance. ​
Video Camera Surveillance All prices are approximate (~)
Axis 3505 - Indoor/Outdoor Fixed Video Camera (105 degree horizontal view) ~ $900
Axis Q5515 - Interior Pan Tilt Xoom Camera (medium resolution) ~ $1200
Axis Q6042 - Interior Pan Tilt Zoom Camera (very high resolution) ~ $2800
Axis Q6000 - Exterior 360 degree fixed
(4 fixed views, does not have pan tilt zoom)
~ $1245
Axis Q6055 - Exterior Pan Tilt Zoom option (very high resolution) ~ $2500
Cabling ** costs vary based on location interior/exterior mounting ~ $500 to $10,000+
** All video surveillance requires technical review, cabling estimates and coordination with DoTS -
NOTE: there may be additional digital storage costs due to space requirements of video and images.

Please see the DoTS approved device list on the Brown County intranet for further information on I.T. systems, programs, and infrastructure costs.

2020 Price List for Technology Services - Printable PDF