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Voicemail to Email

Receiving Voicemail Messages in Outlook

In your Outlook Inbox Folder you will receive an email notification that you have a voicemail message. It will look like this:

Caller ID information (if available) will appear in the From field and also in the Subject line.
If your PC or laptop has speakers, you can listen to the message in Outlook by opening the message and clicking on the VoiceMessage.wav

1. Once you open/preview an email with an attached voicemail message, the message indicator light on your phone will be turned off (assuming this is the only or last message to be reviewed).

2. If you open (but do not listen to) the voicemail message in your Outlook Inbox, the message light on your phone will be turned off. If you want to keep the message waiting light on your phone, you can change the email/voicemail back to be “UnRead” (right mouse click, mark as unread or by clicking in the top toolbar) the phone light will illuminate again. This is handy if you are checking your voicemail from Outlook Web Access and want to check again from your desk.

3. Messages that are reviewed and left in your Outlook Inbox are treated as saved messages and become part of your voicemail’s total accumulation of saved voicemails on your phone.

4. It is recommended that if you do not wish to save a voicemail message, you delete it from your Outlook Inbox folder as well as delete it from your Outlook Deleted Items folder to avoid receiving a “mailbox full” quota warning message.

5. If you receive a “mailbox full” warning message, you will need to delete voicemail messages from both your Outlook Inbox folder and your Outlook Deleted Items folder. You may also access your voicemail from your phone and follow the prompts to delete your “old” messages.

6. If you need to save a voicemail message for an extended period of time, move the Outlook voicemail message to a subfolder in Outlook.

Voicemail and general email retention rules will change to match whatever is approved in the final updated TS-1 Information Technology Usage Policy. If you need to keep an email or voicemail indefinitely, save the contents and WAV file outside of the Outlook program.