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Welcome to the Exchange Online Migration Project

Classic Webmail Link

(BEFORE your email mailbox moves to the cloud, continue to use the classic web email link.)

O365 Webmail Link

(AFTER migration, if your mailbox has been migrated to the cloud, please select this link).....

The Department of Technology Services is upgrading file and email services to Office 365.

Moving Your Mailbox to Exchange Online

Today, all Brown County email mailboxes reside on servers located within Brown County Data Centers. Once Brown County DoTS moves your mailbox to Exchange Online, your mailbox will reside on secure and dedicated Microsoft Mail Servers located in the cloud.

During the migration process, DoTS will target and complete an entire department to help alleviate split premise scenarios. Prior to your actual mailbox migration, you will receive an email from DoTS providing you with a more specific migration time frame.

After mailbox migration to Exchange Online has completed, you can continue to use your Microsoft Outlook Client normally. However, OWA or Webmail users will need to utilize a different Webmail Portal.

You probably noticed at the top of the page that we are providing two different Webmail links – Classic and O365. The new O365 Webmail App is very similar to the classic Webmail App, although admittedly there are some changes you will need to investigate.
Additionally, Microsoft Teams will be available to Brown County users following the Exchange Migration. You can learn more by clicking on the Office 365 box or the Microsoft Teams box.

Office 365 Exchange
Microsoft Teams

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Enterprise Vault Email Archiving Update

Important Note: DoTS will retire Enterprise Vault Email Archiving (E-Vault) once all mailboxes have been migrated to Exchange Online. Archived email will be migrated to Office 365. Brown County users will use the email search functionality within Exchange Online instead.

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Exchange Online Migration Project
(Cloud Migration)

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why are we moving our mailboxes from Brown County servers to Microsoft Servers in the cloud?
Moving our mailboxes to Exchange Online is the first step we need to take as part of our full integration into Office 365 or O365. After the Exchange Online Migration Project is complete, we will then look to roll out other O365 components such as; Microsoft Teams for video conferencing and messaging, SharePoint for team file sharing, and OneDrive for personal file sharing.

2. When will the Exchange Online migration begin and end?
Exchange Online migration will begin on September 16th, 2019 and our estimated end date will be January 31st, 2020.

3. When will my mailbox be migrated to the cloud?
Each week a group of mailboxes will be identified, within the same department, for Exchange Online migration.BC DoTS will communicate the week your mailbox will be migrated. On our Intranet, please refer to the Exchange Online Migration Project page for an estimated department migration timeline.

4. Will I lose connectivity to my email or mailbox during my mailbox migration?
Yes, but very brief. The connection loss can last 5-20 minutes, and it is typically followed with a message requesting that you close Outlook/OWA and provide your credentials to continue. After you receive your email from BC DoTS stating that your department mailboxes will be migrated that week, understand that this short outage could occur anytime during that week. Because we cannot calculate exact mailbox migration completion days/times, just know that the outage could happen during the work day. Please wait the recommended 5-20 minutes before calling the Help Desk.

5. Why am I being prompted to provide my User ID and Password again in Outlook/OWA/or my Smart Phone?
O365 needs you to authenticate to make sure you have permission. Once your mailbox is completely migrated to O365, you will need to provide your User ID and Password again in all three scenarios.
EXTREMELY IMPORTANT - Make sure that you use the formatting detailed below in the screenshot. It is very common where the User ID field is auto-filled with the old User ID formatting of "potter_hj" or the old domain formatting of "". Both of those formats are incorrect.

6. Can I still access my email from anywhere?
Yes. Whether you utilize the Outlook Client, Outlook Web App (OWA) or iPhone/Android AirWatch for email access, all three allow you to access your mailbox from anywhere.

7. Are the new Exchange Online/Microsoft Cloud Servers secure?
Yes. The new email service from Microsoft Office 365 is FedRamp and HIPAA compliant. It includes encryption and automatic backup and archiving. Corporation Counsel has access for public records requests.

8. Will my current Microsoft Office Outlook Client still work after my mailbox is migrated to the cloud?
Yes. The MS Office Outlook Client will work normally without issue.

9. Will we use a new Outlook Web App (OWA) or Webmail after my mailbox is migrated to the cloud?
Yes. Exchange Online utilizes a slightly different OWA/Webmail interface. The new Exchange Online OWA is very similar to the classic OWA/Webmail App and will be very easy to use going forward.

10. Can I still use my original Outlook Web App (OWA) or Webmail to access my mailbox after migration?
No. Exchange Online utilizes a slightly different OWA/Webmail interface. The new Exchange Online OWA is very similar to the classic OWA/Webmail and will be very easy to use going forward.

11. Since we will be using a new Outlook Web App (OWA), will my currently saved URL address links at work or home still work after my mailbox is migrated to the cloud?
No. We will be accessing the Exchange Online OWA using a different URL address link and a therefore a different log-in portal. Once your mailbox has been migrated to the cloud you will need to replace or recreate any previously saved URL address links. Access your mailbox using this new web address =

12. After my mailbox has been migrated to the cloud, I am unable to access recently archived emails in Enterprise Vault (EVault) when I perform a search.
Once your mailbox has been migrated to the cloud, new email will no longer be archived into EVault. We will retire EVault software during the Exchange Online migration process due to high cost. There will be a short time where you can still use EVault to search for previously archived email although shortly after the migration project has completed, BC DoTS will shut down EVault completely.

13. I have ‘Cisco Voicemail to Email’ configured which allows voicemails to transfer to my mailbox as voice files. These voicemails are no longer transferring to my mailbox after my mailbox has been migrated to the cloud.
Shortly after your mailbox is migrated to Exchange Online, BC DoTS will point your Cisco Voicemails to also land in your new cloud mailbox. It is entirely possible that we might miss a Cisco configuration change during the project chaos. Please call the Help Desk so we can resolve this for you.

14. I have 'Cisco Voicemail to Email' configured for my mailbox. I do see Cisco Voicemails dropping into my inbox correctly and I do see a red phone light illuminating. However, in the past when I opened or deleted the voicemail email my red light would shut off immediately, but now it takes much longer for the red light to shut off.
This is the new normal. Because our mailboxes now reside in the cloud, it can take longer for the 'light off' trigger to travel back to the phone. In testing, the red light now typically turns off between 2 and 15 minutes.

‚Äč15. After my mailbox has been migrated to the cloud, I am unable to access the ‘All Distribution Lists’ contained within the Address Book. This list provided access to user membership for each department.
Unfortunately, Exchange Online or O365 no longer provides the ‘All Distribution Lists’. Instead, you can use the ‘Advanced Find’ feature within the Address Book to search by First Name, Last Name, Department or Title.

16. After my mailbox has been migrated to the cloud, it appears as though I am missing emails from my Inbox and other folders.
This is temporary. When your mailbox is migrated to the cloud, a one-time synchronization will occur. Some users may experience a sync phenomenon where existing email folders need time to build again. Outlook may even advertise for a short time that certain folders are updating. This one-time sync can sometimes take several hours to complete. No worries, your email will re-populate.

17. My mailbox hasn't been migrated yet but I do have a team member who had their mailbox migrated to the cloud recently. I now find that I am unable to view their calendar.
There is a work-around for this. There is a known issue during migration where on-premise users cannot see calendar details for mailbox calendars in the cloud. Ask the team member who has been migrated to the cloud to send you a "Share Calendar" invite. After you receive and accept the invite, be patient as it will take time for their calendar details to fully populate in your calendar. This will no longer be an issue after all BC mailboxes are fully migrated to the cloud.

Within Calendar, select the 'Share Calendar' button from the Outlook Toolbar Ribbon.

You can then select the level of calendar detail you want to share out from the details drop-down.
18. I have a Smart Phone that has AirWatch installed so I can sync my Brown County email and calendar items. After my mailbox was migrated to O365, I notice that new email and calendar items are no longer syncing to my phone.
Whether you have an iPhone or Android device, BC DoTS will need to reconfigure your AirWatch profile once your mailbox migrates to O365 - with your help. You will know when your mailbox has been migrated to O365 once your Outlook/OWA and your phone prompt you to provide your User ID and Password again.

a. On your iPhone, go to Settings.
Phone Settings
b. Go to Password & Accounts
Passwords & Accounts

c. Go to your Account (which will have your User ID listed)

d. Here you can confirm that you see your email and username advertising. The "Server" field should advertise as "". Please insert your network password into the "Password" field (not to be confused with your phone unlock passcode).
Account Settings

e. You should then receive a "Device is Blocked" email in your Inbox. This is normal. BC DoTS will also receive this Device Blocked email. This will let us know that your phone needs to be Approved again. BC DoTS will Approve your phone for use in O365, but please be patient as it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours for the Approval process to complete. If after 3 hours you do not see new email synchronizing with your phone, feel free to reach out to the Help Desk @ 448-4030.

Microsoft Outlook error message
f. Unfortunately, if you do have an Android phone you will need to call the Help Desk @ 448-4030 as there is a slightly more complex process that needs to be performed to get your phone working in O365. We can walk you through that Android process over the phone.

g. As you can see with the steps detailed above, iPhone users do not necessarily need to reach out to the Help Desk. Please confirm that you have performed the steps detailed above and waited the recommended amount of time before calling the Help Desk.

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Department Process Flow
.....Exchange Online Migration -
Department Flow*


*Keep in mind that this department flow/list is subject to change and should be used as an estimator. BC DoTS will update the listing periodically. When your department is targeted for migration, the week prior you will receive a second email from BC DoTS stating that your mailbox will be migrated in the upcoming week.

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