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Lockdown Procedures

Courthouse Security 448-4248
  • Staff will be notified of the lockdown situation by a PA announcement.
  • The public and staff will be kept in the room they are in or the designated area(s) for that floor.
  • Do NOT attempt to locate any staff that may be out of the area.
  • LOCK all doors.
  • Turn off all lights.
  • Close all blinds.
  • Keep everyone out of sight by positioning them away from any door or window.
  • Do NOT answer the telephone.
  • If outdoors at the time of the lockdown: Do NOT re-enter the building. Go to the designated evacuation site. Notify the authorities of your location and wait there for instructions.
  • Utilize cell phones to contact authorities with pertinent information regarding the crisis situation.
  • A PA announcement will notify you that the situation has been stabilized.
  • Display red or green placard in the door or window as appropriate.
Green: no immediate attention needed.
Red: immediate attention needed (medical assistance needed).
  • Remain in secure positions until you are personally 'rescued' by emergency personnel or verify identity of rescure personnel before opening door.
  • If at some point during the lockdown the situation warrants evacuation for the safety of self or others, do so quickly and quietly. Once outside the building, proceed immediately to the designated evacuation site and notify the authorities of your location and wait there for instructions.

Courthouse Security 448-4248