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Department of Technology Services (DoTS)
Help Desk Self Service Center

Brown County Depatment of Technology Services provides a Self Service Center for County staff to submit work orders and to see previous work orders.

If you are using Internet Explorer, you can simply click on "Log in Using Your Windows Account" without entering your Windows credentials (or if you prefer, you can enter your Windows Credentials).

Once logged in you will see a screen similar to the image below.

There are 4 categories:
  1. Solutions
  2. Add a New Work Order
  3. View My Work Orders
  4. Manage My Profile

The following are brief summaries of each section:

Search for Solutions
This section is currently not used – it may be implemented in the future.

Add a New Work Order
When you click on this button, a screen will display similar to the one to the right.

Summary: Type a short description of the problem.

Call Back Number: Automatically filled in based on who you are. Change it as needed.

Note: Type in a full description of the problem including when it started, how frequent, who and how many staff are impacted.

File Name: Optionally attach a screen shot, email or document to help Technology Services solve the problem.

User Requested Completion Date: If this issue has a timing requirement, enter the date when you need it completed.

Asset (Affected Computer or Device): Type in the computer name or network name of your PC, this is usually on a white sticker on your CPU box or laptop. Alternately, you can double click on the "System Info" icon on your desktop where the Computer Name will be displayed.

User Severity: Select the type of impact the issue is having on County operations.

Work Around: Note if there is any alternative way to get the job done.

If you cannot answer these questions, or need additional assistance, contact the Help Desk directly at (920) 448-4030.

View My Work Orders
When you click this link, a list of all previous work orders you have entered since July 1st 2016 will be displayed.

Manage My Profile
Please email or contact the Help Desk if this information is incorrect, especially if your department or phone number information is incorrect.

Other Self Service Information
If you are submitting a request on behalf of someone else, the owner (or requestor of the request) will be changed to that person by DoTS.

Employees are encouraged to submit their own work orders for “break fix” items, reporting issues and events on existing systems or equipment that is not functioning correctly. If you need to request a change to an existing system or request new equipment or service, please have your supervisor make the request to ensure the request is in alignment with department and County goals.