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LastPass App Infomation

What is LastPass?

LastPass is a password vault or password manager that stores your passwords encrypted. You do not need to remember your passwords as LastPass does it for you. Once you have entered your websites with your username & password, you can use it as a reference by looking up that information in LastPass. Or, you can download the browser plugin and ask it to automatically fill in your username and password when you visit those login pages. There are browser plugins available for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Edge. It works through the internet and has optional apps for iPhone and Android devices.

How do I get it?

You can request an account through the Brown County Department of Technology Services (DoTS) Help Desk (448-4030 or ext. 4030) or by sending an email to

You will receive a Lastpass Welcome email, and if requested, a DoTS technician will install the browser plugins on your computer. Part of that LastPass Welcome email will require you to reset your temporary LastPass password to a longer “passphrase.” We recommend you use a long phrase which could be a complete sentence such as “Swim in Lake Michigan!”

How Does it Work?

The tool allows you to securely store passwords and securely share passwords. Contact the Help Desk for more information on sharing passwords.

Once the plugin is on your computer the LastPass tool will offer to remember usernames and passwords. You can have multiple usernames and passwords for a single service, so you can just continue to work as normal and it will begin to remember passwords for you. It can also suggest passwords.

Recommendations for Using LastPass

Master LastPass Password.

When setting passwords for access for County business, store them in LastPass. We recommend you select a long master LastPass password (passphrase) such as “My Hobby is Icefishing” (you can use spaces).

Individual Site Passwords.

For individual websites like cell phone or shopping sites, use very long passwords (15+ characters) wherever possible. LastPass allows you to have a password such as “F&#jf&&8ask.!fj” because it remembers those passwords for you. For online accounts, consider answering challenge questions incorrectly and store the unique incorrect answers in LastPass in the notes for that particular website and account.
If you forget your County LastPass password you can have it reset by contacting the DoTS Help Desk. Keep in mind, the Help Desk cannot reset a personal LastPass account.

Can I use the County LastPass account for personal userids and passwords?

No. But you can get a free account personally and tie your County account to a personal account. This allows you to retain all of your personal passwords regardless of employment with the County. And it keeps personal data separate from County. However, be very careful with your personal passphrase since neither the County nor LastPass can help you recover it if you forget it.

Additional Information

LastPass Help can be found here:

You can also refer to the LastPass Getting Started Guide