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General Information

What exactly is Bomgar?

Bomgar is the new Secure Remote Support Tool chosen by Brown County Technology Services that replaces LogMeIn Remote Support. Bomgar allows technicians to share a user's view of their screen, transfer files if needed and carry out other activities in order to support the user.

Link to Bomgar (TS) Remote Support

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) What is Remote Support?

Remote Support refers to a tool that allows BC Technology Services technicians to access a user's computer in order to resolve a problem without having to take the user through elaborate procedures over the phone or carry out an onsite visit.

2) Is Bomgar secure?

Yes. All Bomgar Remote Support sessions are secured using SSL encryption.

3) Do I need to be present at my computer in order for technicians to perform remote support?

No. Technology Services Specialists have the ability to log in and power on the computer to perform the necessary troubleshooting steps even if you are away from your desk.

4) If work needs to be performed on my computer, will I receive any initial notification?

Yes. Technicians will attempt to contact a user prior to any troubleshooting. When Bombar is used, an "Allow" or "Deny" message prompt will always display on the computer screen for 30 seconds asking for remote control permission. This will allow you time to close and save any sensitive documents that may be open. If you need more time you can simply select the "Deny" button. If no action is taken then access is automatically granted after 30 seconds.

5) Will I know if a Technology Services technician is in the process of a remote support session?

Yes. You will always know if a remote session is in progress on your computer. The image shown below on the left represents that a technician is present and performing remote support. The image shown below on the right is an example of a Bomgar dialogue box that will also display on your screen.


6) Are there any concerns when a technician logs into an unattended computer?

Technicians have signed confidentiality forms for all aspects of county operations which includes troubleshooting desktop and end-user devices. Attempts will be made to work on a computer while the user is present but schedules do not always allow for this.

7) Can Bomgar Remote Support be utilized on my work laptop when I am travelling or away from my office?

Yes. As long as both the technician and the user have a network connection and can navigate to the Internet, remote support is available to our users whether they find themselves in or out of the office.

8) Is remote support only available for computers running Windows - how about Apple or Android devices?

Bomgar is optimized to allow for full remote support within Windows and all Samsung branded Android devices. All other Android and Apple devices allow for limited remote support.

9) Are Bomgar Remote Support sessions recorded?

Yes. All Bomgar Remote Support sessions are recorded and typically held for 90 days. If for any reason within the 90 day period a user needs to obtain a copy of the remote recording they can work through their Department Head or Manager to request a copy from the Help Desk.