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October 30, 2018 - Celebrate with us!

We are celebrating with activities and events of interest to Caregivers and the persons they care for throughout the month.

Join the Celebration!

The contributions of Family Caregivers are important. Friends and family members provide (without pay) on-going assistance to loved ones in so many ways;
  • Rides to appointments
  • Assist with personal care, i.e.: bathing, medication management, etc.
  • Shopping
  • Housekeeping, cooking
  • Home and yard maintenance
  • Visiting
  • and so much more!
The list goes on and on. More than 44 million Americans care for a family member, friend, or neighbor. We know these carers are happy to help and don't consider it work. It is priceless to the person they care for.

Celebrating You in November
The month of November is our opportuntity to say thank you and offer ways for caregivers to do something for themselves.

November is filled with a wide variety of activities - fun, educational, connecting, inspiring, so many things to do.

We are confident you will find something of interest!

Click for more information and to register for events!