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Jill Hayes, CTC (Recognized for Exceptional Commitment by Genny Willemon, CTC on Apr 12, 2019)
"Jill took the time to help me make sure all of the disaster manuals are up to date. She printed all of the copies off and developed the binders for each area. Jill went above what was asked of her and made sure that area that did not have a binder before now have one and made sure that an email went out so everyone is aware of the location and that they have been updated.
Thank you Jill."

Ryan Bartel, Building Maintenance (Recognized for Extraordinary Customer Service by Wes Catalano, Brown County Jail & WRC on Apr 3, 2019)
"The reason for this email is to let you know that Ryan Bartel on Friday, we called him because we had a block toilet continuing to run and we could not shut it off. It was towards the end of the day but, Ryan responded right away with tools and repair parts in hand. Due to Ryan’s knowledge we were able to take care of our issue quickly. Thank you for the training and skills your maintenance professional poses and are able to resolve issues quickly. This is just an example of the quality service you provide."

Greg Eichhorn, building Maintenance (Recognized for Extraordinary Customer Service by wes Catalano, Brown County Jail & WRC on Apr 3, 2019)
"The reason for this email is this past Saturday at the down town jail (WRC) we had a sink plugged in receiving cell #4 which we really needed for use right away. Greg Eichhorn was the maintenance person on deck. Greg worked on the sink and system for about an hour or so. Due to his perseverance and climbing over pipes and squeezing through tight areas, as the pipes were the farthest in the pipe chase. I am sure he was not excited to have to climb in there to get to the pipes but he did. What also impressed me is that when he was done, the work area in the cell and sink looked better then when he started. He cleaned up after himself and even cleaned out the sink. thanks for the job well done.

This is just an example of the quality service you provide."

Karen C, Unknown (Recognized for Extraordinary Customer Service by Northern Building Staff, Northern Building on Apr 2, 2019)
"An elderly couple came into our office and wanted to thank the young lady who helped them find our office. They said the employee asked if they needed help finding anything and showed them where to go in the Northern Building. The woman said that the name on the employee's badge was 'Karen C'. Good job! Thank you for going the extra effort to help our customers."

Shelter Care Staff, Brown County Shelter Care (Recognized for Exceptional Commitment by Kayla Robinson, Juvenile Court on Mar 28, 2019)
"This week I had a client who had a birthday, however both of her parents are deceased and she was sad that she wouldn't have any visitors or birthday surprises while she is at a residential placement. While she stayed at shelter care (months ago) she formed some very strong bonds and positive relationships with staff. It was her birthday this week and I called Shelter Care to see if they had time to write a small birthday card from a couple of the staff that she still talks about to this day, that she misses. Those staff members and others put together a large card with some of her favorite items and funny sayings to brighten her day, as well as signed it with positive words of encouragement. They also gave her a small gift bag full of some of her favorite snacks. This client has not been at shelter care for months, nor did they have to do this! Staff went above and beyond, while still assisting other clients and daily tasks while at work with a good amount of clients placed there. This small gesture made my client's whole birthday she was ecstatic! Thank you!"

Mai, OT (Recognized for Extraordinary Customer Service by Joy, Bay Haven on Mar 22, 2019)
"Mai continues to be amazing with the Bay Haven clients. I have seen her go out of her way to reach a client that was uncomfortable or struggling and it has made all the difference to those clients. Mai radiates compassion, empathy, integrity, optimism and dedication to the clients she works with. Brown County is fortunate to have you Mai!"

Ryan Rasmussen, Brown County Parks (Recognized for Uncommon Innovation by Parks Staff, Brown County Parks on Mar 13, 2019)
"Ryan has proven over the years to be a valuable employee. He is consistent in his approach to mowing, and has made a variety of suggestions that, when implemented, have increased overall mowing capacity. He continues to develop new initiatives in other areas as well, and every year brings a robust work capacity to the table. Thank you Ryan!"

Greg and company, Northern Building & Courthouse Square Maintenance crew (Recognized for Exceptional Commitment by anonymous, Northern Building on Feb 12, 2019)
"Thank-you for all you do with keeping our sidewalks snow blown and shoveled!! It does not go unnoticed !! Our sidewalks by the Northern Building and Courthouse are always cleared way better than the city sidewalks across the street. Another great example is today :). Thank-you again!!! We appreciate it!!"

CTC Maintenance Department, Maintenance (Recognized for Exceptional Commitment by Linda Owen, ABC Department on Feb 8, 2019)
"I would like to thank the CTC Maintenance Department for all their hard work in keeping up with ice and snow removal in the past few weeks. I usually get to work at 6:30 am and they are already out plowing, snow blowing and spreading salt on the ice to try and make our parking lots and walkways safe. I know it has been a huge challenge due to the changing weather and they have done a great job! Thank you for doing your job with a smile and a get it done attitude!"

Dawn Laplant, HIM Manager (Recognized for Inspiring Leader/Mentor by Sarah Fox, OP Transcription on Feb 8, 2019)
"I would like Dawn to know how much she is appreciated. She stands by her team and makes sure they have their issues addressed to the best of her ability. One thing that stands out to me with Dawn is that she holds her team to high standards which in turn allows us to work independently to complete our work and work well together as a cohesive team. Dawn is not a hand-holder but is always there to sound-board to help come up with solutions to problems/issues. Dawn has a great sense of humor which is definitely a positive attribute when dealing with stressful or unusual issues. Thank you Dawn for your continued commitment to your team."

Desaire Baumgartner, BSV (OP Records temp) (Recognized for Exceptional Commitment by Sarah Fox, OP Transcription on Feb 8, 2019)
"I want to take the time to thank Desaire Baumgartner for all of her help in OP Records. She was placed to us on light duty simply by chance. We have so many "projects" to accomplish, projects we would work on as we get to them outside of our normal duties. Desaire has stepped up in helping out with these projects, completing them, as well as taking on the duties of an employee who has left. Desi is intelligent, enjoys learning, catches on quickly, asks questions when needed, and detail-oriented to a fault. We are thrilled to have Desi helping out in our area. This girl is a "KEEPER!" THANK YOU Desaire for making our jobs much easier."

Zookeeper & Maintenance staff, New Zoo & Adventure park (Recognized for Exceptional Commitment by Neil Anderson, Zoo and Park management on Feb 1, 2019)
"I would like to recognize the exceptional commitment by our zookeeper and maintenance staff over the past couple days of record freezing temperatures. Their commitment to exceptional animal care in adverse conditions is exemplary. Thanks to all their efforts & teamwork, all staff and zoo animals weathered the frigid temperatures and are all doing great. Outstanding dedication and commitment showing the connection they have to their animals and animal welfare!"

Mel Kirchman and Lynn Klessing, Adminstration and Food Services (Recognized for Extraordinary Customer Service by Patrice Hutzler-Puyleart, Nursing on Jan 31, 2019)
"Mel and Lynn thank you for your help with the new employees during orientation. Both of you went above and beyond and I am lucky to work with you both. During this cold spell you helped with providing lunch to our new employees so they would not have to go out in the bitter cold. I know they truly appreciated your effort."

Katie Cleven, Technical Services-Brown County Library (Recognized for Exceptional Commitment by Debbie Braunsdorf, Technical Services-Brown County Library on Jan 8, 2019)
"Due to me being off for 2 weeks with a sick daughter, Katie has had to take on the responsibility of handling the year-end duties of the Technical Services Department at the library. She had to handle the rollover process and also deal with all of our selectors who were ready to order new books for 2019. She did it like a PRO without any complaining.
She is always reliable and willing to step in when she is needed. She is a great co-worker and friend!"

Jackie Campos, IP Medical Records/Transcription (Recognized for Outstanding Team Player by Sarah Fox, OP Transcription on Jan 8, 2019)
"Jackie is an amazing partner to work beside. She is always so willing to help out when things are crazy, and even when they're not but to help put a mind at ease. She never backs down from doing the difficult work. She helps keep things running smoothly when I am feeling frantic about the workload. Jackie is very good at her job, efficient and accurate. I can't thank Jackie enough for all she does for me."

Sarah Finnel, OP Medical Records (Recognized for Exceptional Commitment by Sarah Fox, OP Transcription on Jan 8, 2019)
"Sarah can fit into most of the categories above. She has done an amazing job juggling her duties as well as the duties of others when short staffed. She is a mountain of knowledge and is always willing to educate and share information to help make other's jobs easier to tackle. Sarah is hard-working, dedicated and knowledgeable, having this kind of person to work along-side is truly a blessing. Thank you Sarah for ALL you do!"

Michelle Huempfner, CTC - ABC (Recognized for Inspiring Leader/Mentor by Jamie Jacques, AR/Collections on Jan 2, 2019)
"In all reality Michelle should be recognized for all of the categories listed. She is always friendly, approachable and willing to help others. For the past 7 months Michelle has been covering 2 full time positions which has meant extra time here and away from her family in order to get both jobs done. She is a great example of an employee who can persevere thru hard times and does an awesome job at cleaning up old AR and capturing lost revenue. Michelle, You make my job 10 times easier. Thank you for being YOU."

Karissa Rasavong, CTC- ABC (Recognized for Exceptional Commitment by Jamie Jacques, AR/Collections on Jan 2, 2019)
"Karissa is always willing to help me when needed. I never feel like a bother if I ask her a question or need help in anyway. While off over Christmas, Karissa was here to do her job and also helped keep my batches and Mail organized and even was able to work with IT to install a scanner at my desk. When I came back to work, she even offered to help me with my voicemails and return calls. WHAT A PAL!!!! Thank You Karissa."

Kathy Philby, Technology Services (Recognized for Extraordinary Customer Service by most grateful recipiant!, CTC Switchboard on Jan 2, 2019)
"Kathy is and always has been an informed, up-to-date, devoted, intellectual, reliable, unfaltering, avid, inviting, charming and pleasing to work with. On many occasions over the years she has made my work life so much easier. Today was no different. After an extended winter vacation I was horrified to find no matter what I did my printer would not print the full documents that I needed. One quick call and she took over to correct the problem. My return just became less stressful and more easy to manage! Thank You for helping start the New Year out on the right foot!!!!!!!"

Karen Peters, Housekeeping @ CTC (Recognized for Extraordinary Customer Service by Anja Andres, Therapy Services on Dec 26, 2018)
"Trying to organize almost 70 Christmas gifts for our customers is a lot of extra work, and there is no way this would have been done without the extra , hard work from Karen. She found the time to sew in a label on every piece of clothing donated to our residents as gifts prior to Christmas. She checked with us regularly to see if we needed help and always took the extra duty with a smile. When thanked, she always stated "anything for the residents". Thanks for all our help Karen!!"
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