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Katie Cleven, Technical Services-Brown County Library (Recognized for Exceptional Commitment by Debbie Braunsdorf, Technical Services-Brown County Library on Jan 8, 2019)
"Due to me being off for 2 weeks with a sick daughter, Katie has had to take on the responsibility of handling the year-end duties of the Technical Services Department at the library. She had to handle the rollover process and also deal with all of our selectors who were ready to order new books for 2019. She did it like a PRO without any complaining.
She is always reliable and willing to step in when she is needed. She is a great co-worker and friend!"

Jackie Campos, IP Medical Records/Transcription (Recognized for Outstanding Team Player by Sarah Fox, OP Transcription on Jan 8, 2019)
"Jackie is an amazing partner to work beside. She is always so willing to help out when things are crazy, and even when they're not but to help put a mind at ease. She never backs down from doing the difficult work. She helps keep things running smoothly when I am feeling frantic about the workload. Jackie is very good at her job, efficient and accurate. I can't thank Jackie enough for all she does for me."

Sarah Finnel, OP Medical Records (Recognized for Exceptional Commitment by Sarah Fox, OP Transcription on Jan 8, 2019)
"Sarah can fit into most of the categories above. She has done an amazing job juggling her duties as well as the duties of others when short staffed. She is a mountain of knowledge and is always willing to educate and share information to help make other's jobs easier to tackle. Sarah is hard-working, dedicated and knowledgeable, having this kind of person to work along-side is truly a blessing. Thank you Sarah for ALL you do!"

Michelle Huempfner, CTC - ABC (Recognized for Inspiring Leader/Mentor by Jamie Jacques, AR/Collections on Jan 2, 2019)
"In all reality Michelle should be recognized for all of the categories listed. She is always friendly, approachable and willing to help others. For the past 7 months Michelle has been covering 2 full time positions which has meant extra time here and away from her family in order to get both jobs done. She is a great example of an employee who can persevere thru hard times and does an awesome job at cleaning up old AR and capturing lost revenue. Michelle, You make my job 10 times easier. Thank you for being YOU."

Karissa Rasavong, CTC- ABC (Recognized for Exceptional Commitment by Jamie Jacques, AR/Collections on Jan 2, 2019)
"Karissa is always willing to help me when needed. I never feel like a bother if I ask her a question or need help in anyway. While off over Christmas, Karissa was here to do her job and also helped keep my batches and Mail organized and even was able to work with IT to install a scanner at my desk. When I came back to work, she even offered to help me with my voicemails and return calls. WHAT A PAL!!!! Thank You Karissa."

Kathy Philby, Technology Services (Recognized for Extraordinary Customer Service by most grateful recipiant!, CTC Switchboard on Jan 2, 2019)
"Kathy is and always has been an informed, up-to-date, devoted, intellectual, reliable, unfaltering, avid, inviting, charming and pleasing to work with. On many occasions over the years she has made my work life so much easier. Today was no different. After an extended winter vacation I was horrified to find no matter what I did my printer would not print the full documents that I needed. One quick call and she took over to correct the problem. My return just became less stressful and more easy to manage! Thank You for helping start the New Year out on the right foot!!!!!!!"

Karen Peters, Housekeeping @ CTC (Recognized for Extraordinary Customer Service by Anja Andres, Therapy Services on Dec 26, 2018)
"Trying to organize almost 70 Christmas gifts for our customers is a lot of extra work, and there is no way this would have been done without the extra , hard work from Karen. She found the time to sew in a label on every piece of clothing donated to our residents as gifts prior to Christmas. She checked with us regularly to see if we needed help and always took the extra duty with a smile. When thanked, she always stated "anything for the residents". Thanks for all our help Karen!!"

Suyapa (Delores), Housekee;ing Worker, Housekeeping (Recognized for Exceptional Commitment by Anonymous, Anonymous on Dec 18, 2018)
"If I could pick more categories, I would. Suyapa is one of the few housecleaning ladies that has been here in the Northern Building for eons!!!! She is brilliant at her job and always has a smile for us!!! These ladies do a job that, for the most part, would only be noticed if it wasn't done. They work hard, are thorough and still maintain a wonderful attitude. They deserve more than a star for the work they do. They deserve a thank you from all of us!!!!"

Jill Hayes, Community Treatmet Center Reception (Recognized for Exceptional Commitment by Kim Guerrero, AODA-Outpatient on Dec 10, 2018)
"On more than one occasion Jill has gone above and beyond in arranging last minute transportation for clients in need. She is resourceful and is always pleasant to work with. Jill should know how appreciated she is! Thank you for your hard work and dedication, it does not go unnoticed!"

Bobbie Jo Bleser, Outpatient Mental Health/AODA Community Treatment Center (Recognized for Inspiring Leader/Mentor by Barbara Jordan, Outpatient Mental Health/AODA Community Treatment Center on Nov 26, 2018)
"When it comes to treating mental health and substance abuse issues, Bobbie Jo is very knowledgeable and extremely talented. She has excellent clinical judgment and is committed to her clients. Although she can be "rough around the edges" at times, she has become very supportive and respectful of others on the team, making her an informal leader whom others continuously look to for guidance."

Bobbi Sturke, AODA Outpatient CTC (Recognized for Outstanding Team Player by Brenda Franco, AODA Outpatient CTC on Nov 14, 2018)
"Bobbi has been an inspiration since the day I started. She continually offers to help with notifications, letters, and anything that is needed. She is the first to offer help, in a new project that we talk about in our IDP Staff Meetings. She has identified areas were we can improve our communication with outside agencies regarding the DSP services and process.
When I hear her with new consumers, Bobbi is professional, welcoming, and patient with those that can come in misdirecting their frustrations at her.
Bobbi I want to thank you for all that you have done and continue to do for the program and myself.

Karen Peters, Community Treatment Center (Recognized for Exceptional Commitment by Barbara Jordan, Behavior Health Supervisor on Nov 6, 2018)
"Karen is a very committed employee who regularly puts the team first, above herself. She is dependable, supportive and respectful of others. She regularly and quickly assists team members. During a recent incident, she was very quick to respond to one of the therapists' concerns about a towel dispenser on the bathroom wall adjacent to the therapist’s office. Karen acted quickly to replace a louder dispenser (that startled clients in Jody’s office) with one that was much more quiet. Furthermore, Karen is always very personable, kind, helpful, and conscientious in her work."

Charllain Wuest & Jon Tagatz, Activities (Recognized for Extraordinary Customer Service by Anja Andres, Recreation Therapy on Oct 31, 2018)
"I want to thank Jon and Charllain for going above and beyond during our Trick or Treat open house. It was a lot of work to set up for that day and things looked great and went so smoothly. These 2 go the extra mile to make our residents happy."

Wayne Netzel, Zoo facilities (Recognized for Awesome Attitude/Morale Booster by Jerry Vincent, Zoo facilities on Oct 30, 2018)
"Thanks for all your help during the year and especially during the Zoo Boo event. Wayne is always ready to do whatever it takes to complete the job, even when it means giving up days off or working extra hours. Thanks to you we did great keeping up with everything. Thanks for being an awesome Brown County employee!"

NPC Nursing Staff, CTC (Recognized for Exceptional Commitment by Mandy Woodward, CTC on Oct 29, 2018)
"I would like to recognize the nursing staff on Nicolet for their quick-thinking and amazing ability to work as a team everyday, but especially this morning. They worked together to help a client, which resulted in a best case scenario. Staff have proven to be efficient, determined and calm in crises. I would like to especially recognize Tara Chynoweth and Leah Bergelin-Chang for their extraordinary care. I am so proud to work with such an amazing nursing team!"

Alexa Farr, Clerk of Courts (Recognized for Exceptional Commitment by Anonymous, Brown County on Oct 10, 2018)
"What to say?? This poor woman has been through the gamut both personally and professionally in the past few years - yet continues to push through with a positive attitude and a smile on her face. She goes above & beyond and is sincerely just a nice person to be around. WAY TO GO are wise beyond your years my friend!"

Gillian Dawson, Youth Services Brown Co. Library (Recognized for Outstanding Team Player by Lorie Horkman, Clerk Brown Co. Library on Oct 3, 2018)
"I wanted to recognize Gillian for her above and beyond customer service as she responded to a concern by a customer about a person injured on the sidewalk. Gillian went out right away and took our emergency aid supplies and stayed until the emergency came.
She also pitched in to help in the back area when our bins were very full, emptying some bins to help our staff as we were working short staffed that day. Thank you Gillian for your care and concern for all."

Jody Ossi, Outpatient Mental Health-Community Treatment Center (Recognized for Outstanding Team Player by Barbara Jordan, Behavior Health Supervisor, Outpatient Mental Health/AODA-Community Treatment Center on Oct 2, 2018)
"Jody is a team player who tends to pitch in and help whenever/wherever help is needed. For example, she types minutes for DBT Consultations and covers for other DBT therapists when they are out on vacation or other leaves. She is always up to date on her documentation and seems to have a good system that helps her track her record-keeping. This makes it easy for others for pick up where she left off and communicate regarding a client's treatment. Jody often collaborates with others to meet the needs of clients. She helped as much as she could (providing training/orientation) when her office neighbor next door began her position. Furthermore, Jody is trustworthy and dependable, always supportive and respectful of others on the team."

Mary Jo VandenWymelenberg, AODA Outpatient Community Treatment Center (Recognized for Exceptional Commitment by Barbara Jordan, Behavior Health Supervisor, AODA/MH Outpatient Community Treatment Center on Oct 2, 2018)
"Mary Jo has an awesome attitude. She always seems to look on the positive side of things which is a real morale booster for the team. Her positive outlook extends to clients as well. Her "can do" attitude toward herself, her co-workers and her clients makes work easier and more enjoyable. She seems to aim at raising the self-esteem/self-confidence of clients, and in-turn, they appear more productive and successful in their recovery. Thanks Mary Jo!"

Kevin Schmeling, Shelter Care (Recognized for Exceptional Commitment by Michael Ragen, Amy Lumaye, Shelter Care on Sep 19, 2018)
"During a high level crisis situation supervisor, Kevin Schmeling responded to the crisis quickly. Kevin wasn't even on call but was at Shelter Care within 10 minutes of calling him. When he arrived his first priority was to make sure everyone was alright and safe. He then stepped in and made arrangements to help clean up the aftermath. Kevin went beyond his duties to disinfect, remove broken items/glass, and remained with staff until after midnight until facility was back to normal. He would repeatedly tell staff that they did a great job, reassuring that staff handled the crisis the best way possible. Kevin returned back to Shelter Care by 7am to get proper counselors and debriefing sessions for youths and staff involved. He was the real team leader when the leader was needed.

We thank Kevin for being an exceptional supervisor and the dedication he displays on a daily basis.

Michael and Amy
Youth Support Specialists"
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