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Michelle LaBlanc, Human Services Sophie Beaumont Bldg (Recognized for Extraordinary Customer Service by Kathy Johnson, Outpatient CTC on Jun 11, 2018)
"Recently we had a mentally ill individual who had been listed as a missing persons and was spotted downtown after business hours by Michelle. Michelle was somewhat familiar with this individual, and called the outpatient department to confirm it was her. Michelle even waited and watched this individual until the police came to make sure she was safe.

I want to personal thank Michelle for going above and beyond the call of duty."

Emily Claflin, Central Library (Recognized for Inspiring Leader/Mentor by Lorie Horkman, Central Library on Jun 8, 2018)
"I would like to put a thank you out to Emily and recognize her helpful and motivating attitude. She went above and beyond when I was struggling with a procedure, helping me to see it more simply so I could understand it. I really appreciate all our associates who are positive and mentoring."

Berenise Cortes, Sherry Officer and Lynda Kong-Moua, Child Support (Recognized for Outstanding Team Player by Karen Ferry, Child Support on Jun 7, 2018)
"Berenise (Berry), Sherry, and Lynda are the front line of our agency. Handling all walk-ins, in-coming mail, new case referrals and applications and scanning all documents that come through the agency....and they are extraordinary. Each one has a wonderful disposition, lovely personality and are dedicated members of an exceptional staff support team. Thank you all for your great work and contribution to our agency."

Sarah Yang, Maria Perdue, Ryan O`Leary, Gigi Radeva, NPC (Recognized for Outstanding Team Player by Anonymus, NPC on May 20, 2018)
"""I want to give a big applause to the great team who worked PM shift on an incredibly busy evening. All team members handled the difficult situation of admitting patients till full capacity of the unit within 2 hours and showed great professionalism and amazing attitudes when critical thinking was needed in order to help a client in critical condition. It was amazing team work and each person was supportive of each other and worked together to keep all clients and staff safe! Thank you Sarah for remaining strong for the hole team!
Great job everyone!"""

Dave VandenBusch and his crew, Facilities (Recognized for Extraordinary Customer Service by Jenny Bartels, Human Resources on May 8, 2018)
"I had forgotten to email facilities yesterday and I called Dave at the last minute this morning to set up a conference room for me for New Employee Orientation and he didn't hesitate to get someone over to help out right away. Thank you for making my day go smoother!"

Amy Powers, NPC (Recognized for Exceptional Commitment by NPC Day staff, NPC on Apr 29, 2018)
"Has it really been that long.......Seriously? You stayed this long and stayed sane, well congratulations to being only 45 years old and able to retired. Enjoy the rest of your 40's looking orange and keeping kids off your lawn.

Amy, we will all miss you. NPC day shift will never be the same without you. You keep this place in order during some of the most chaotic time, you make sure things are our "I's" and "T's" or dotted and crossed properly and remind staff to stay in their lane. Most of all, we will miss how you are able to keep us all connected to each other.

We all thank you for your 30+ years of commitment and services to Brown County and the psych hospital. You are truly an outstanding associate, colleague and friend. Enjoy life!"

Chelsei Batty, Kristin Kurtz, Candace Matuszak, Child Support (Recognized for Exceptional Commitment by Karen Ferry, Child Support on Apr 18, 2018)
"What a group of champs. These ladies handle almost all of the drafting, filing, process service and dissemination of legal documents in our agency. Their workload is non-stop and they're not only professional and thorough, they're pleasant and, most days, downright funny!!! They work as a team and do a wonderful job backing up all the caseworkers. Well done ladies. And thank you for being such an important part of our support staff."

Donna Stroik, Financial - CTC (Recognized for Exceptional Commitment by ABC Dept, ABC Dept on Apr 18, 2018)
"Donna has become an excellent addition to the billing/collections area. She joined the CTC with tons of knowledge and has helped improve so many outdated processes. This has been extremely helpful for the ABC department. Whenever there is a question, she is always eager to help or takes the time to find the answer. Thanks Donna for all your help!!"

Lori Haskins, BCCTC ~ outpatient services (Recognized for Outstanding Team Player by switchboard / van driver, BCCTC on Apr 17, 2018)
"Lori is a considerate and compassionate co-worker who just seems to always be in the right place at the right time. A big thank you to her for going above and beyond during this snow storm as she helped clean off vehicles that staff use for client transports, and worked with maintenance so they could plow the parking lot more effectively. MANY staff were affected and happy they did not have to scrape or did out. THANK YOU LORI!!!!!!"

All BCCTC staff who worked Snowstorm Evelyn Weekend, BSV, NPC, BayHaven, Kitchen, House Keeping, Maintenance, Front (Recognized for Exceptional Commitment by Charge RN, All BCCTC departments on Apr 16, 2018)
"For all those who trudged through Snowstorm Evelyn's wrath, we greatly appreciate your dedication and commitment. You guys are awesome and a valuable part of the BCCTC team!

"Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work." Vincent Lombardi"

Luke Schubert, Samantha Behling, RN, BCCTC Administrator, BSV DON (Recognized for Inspiring Leader/Mentor by Weekend Snowstorm Evelyn Charge RNs, BCCTC, BayShore Village on Apr 16, 2018)
""Leadership is practiced not so much in words as in attitude and in actions."

"Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It's about impact, influence and inspiration. Impact involves getting results, influence is about spreading the passion you have for your work, and you have to inspire team-mates and [patients]"

"The test of leadership is not to put greatness into humanity, but to elicit it, for the greatness is already there."

Thank you both for all you did during Snowstorm Evelyn Weekend for BCCTC BSV, NPC and the rest of the campus."

Donn Hein, Administration (Recognized for Inspiring Leader/Mentor by Karen Christens, Technology Services on Apr 10, 2018)
"I would like to recognize Donn Hein for being an Inspiring Leader. I have had the pleasure of working with him on various projects and he is always reliable, responsive, respectful, and demonstrates a genuine commitment to Brown County's success. He regularly assists/mentors/coaches others and does so with a positive attitude. He is definitely an asset to Brown County."

Chaplain Karen Konrad, Brown County Jail Ministry (Recognized for Awesome Attitude/Morale Booster by Correctional Officers, Brown County Jail on Apr 1, 2018)
"We would like to express our thanks and gratitude towards Chaplain Karen. She volunteers her time, money and effort by putting on food for all Jail Staff who are working on Holidays and can't be with their families. Her efforts to help raise our spirits and morale doesn’t go unnoticed by us. We would like to wish Chaplain Karen a very well deserved thank you. Brown County Correctional Officers."

Kathy Philby and Al Pedi, TS (Recognized for Outstanding Team Player by Jenny Bartels, Human Resources on Mar 29, 2018)
"I was scheduled to give New Hire Orientation in Room 200 on March 13th and I couldn't get the TV's or Projector to connect to my laptop. I called Kathy and she came over and spent the hour and more trying to get everything to work for me. Al Pedi also came over to assist Kathy in trying to get the systems up and running. They were dedicated in trying to find a solution to the problem without any complaints. Thank you Kathy and Al for going above and beyond!"

Autumn Grueber, Karina Sanchez, Carla Santos & Celia Cisneros, Child Support (Recognized for Extraordinary Customer Service by Karen Ferry, Child Support on Mar 28, 2018)
"These women are responsible for screening nearly ALL the calls that come into our office each day. Not only that, they monitor the voice mails and the emails that come in from customers. They handle these calls with patience, grace and professionalism that's hard to find these days. They try to answer as many questions as possible to avoid caseworkers having to make call backs so they are free to work their caseloads. The amount of calls can be oppressive and a supervisor must sometimes jump in to help, but they are there the next day to start all over. They deserve a well earned thank you for all their hard work."

Maria Perdue, Mary Lor,Rachael Devlin, Joe Rose, Laura Goggins, NPC Nursing (Recognized for Outstanding Team Player by annonimus, Bay Haven on Mar 13, 2018)
""I want to give a big applause to the great team who worked PM shift on an incredibly busy evening. I also want to express great appreciation for Jennifer Wichlacz`s hard work and her effort to keep the team together. All team members handled the difficult situation of admitting 7 patients within few hours and showed great professionalism and amazing attitudes. It was amazing team work and each person was supportive of each other and worked together to keep all clients and staff safe!
Great job everyone!""

Jill Bomkamp, HR (Recognized for Extraordinary Customer Service by Lisa P , PSC on Mar 8, 2018)
"Jill went above and beyond for me recently. My husbands surgery was scheduled in less than 22 hours, and we still did not have the pre-approval from insurance. Jill got ahold of the representative for Brown County (thanks to her as well) and made sure that she knew about the issue and took care of it. Jill called me back less than 3 hours later to let me know that everything should be taken care of and the doctor should have it. Not only did she save my husband from pain and suffering by having to wait another week for the surgery, but I had time off and trades planned that would not have worked for the next week. Thank you so much !"

Dawn Weyenberg, ABC - CTC (Recognized for Outstanding Team Player by Jamie, ABC - CTC on Mar 7, 2018)
"Id like to recognize Dawn for taking the initiative in looking up the ICN numbers on Forward Health for Bay Haven recoups even though it isn't her billing program. Doing this saves a tremendous amount of time with posting. Cant wait for these recoups to be done, but with your help it does make it so much easier. Thank You tons."

Debbie Anderson, CABHU Unit, Sophie Beaumont, BCHHS (Recognized for Exceptional Commitment by Cindy Fonseca, Juvenile Justice, Sophie Beaumint, BCHHS on Feb 15, 2018)
"Debbie consistently demonstrates a "whatever it takes" attitude. Debbie assisted me today regarding an EM 1 situation with a youth placed in out of home care in another County. She was extremely professional and helpful, even volunteered to be available to the other County's mental health worker in order to coordinate services for this youth should the youth be placed in a facility within Brown County. Thank you Deb for being so positive and supportive!"

Jennifer VonHaden, Jail (Recognized for Inspiring Leader/Mentor by Jail Staff, Jail on Feb 10, 2018)
"Jennifer is a Inspiring Leader/Mentor, uses excellent problem solving skills and is always coming up with multiple different ideas to use in the jail to make it a better place. Awesome Attitude, Exceptional Commitment with all the overtime she works and is always committed to the vision. Outstanding Team Player and has Extraordinary Customer Service with all the public that calls the jail. Thank you Officer VonHaden for everything you do to make the jail a better place."
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